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Rise Digital is a young company with big ideas. Driven by the pursuit of what is possible, we offer a comprehensive range of digital services to help local businesses discover their potential. Our versatile approach means that we can offer assistance with anything from a single service that is lacking to a complete digital overhaul for your brand, combining the benefits of owned, paid, earned and shared media. Rise Digital arose from a frustration of the existing digital marketing providers in Adelaide outsourcing their work and losing that crucial personal connection to the client. Furthermore, we found that it was the norm for digital agencies to leave their clients in the dark when it came to delivering real results, instead offering only empty promises. Digital marketing can be a murky and confusing process, and our goal is to offer clarity and simplicity. Our Return on Investment Model means that we translate all of the work we do into tangible, easily interpreted results. We believe that getting to know you and your business goals face to face is the best foundation for building and maintaining a successful digital strategy.

Meet the team

Arjun and Kon are the passionate professionals behind Rise Digital. By bringing together their specialised skills, they offer a well-rounded and unique approach to digital strategy which delivers on results and service.
Arjun Chadha

Arjun Chadha

The Business Brain

With a logical head fit for business, Arjun is the numbers guru. Arjun is armed with a degree in Business Accounting and over 12 years of diverse digital media experience. He appreciates the importance of getting things right the first time, and knows that a well-established digital campaign can deliver real results. In his endless pursuit of perfection, Arjun knows that there is always room for improvement, and sometimes the smallest changes can make a big difference.
Kon Antoniou

Kon Antoniou

The Sales Brain

During his past five years in sales, Kon has experienced success after success. He attributes this consistent achievement to his emphasis on delivering intimate customer service and building trust-based relationships.On top of this, Kon has a knack for design which has been refined during his diverse career. When combined with robust back-end technology, Kon understands how the look and feel of a site can have a hugely positive impact on user experience.
Why Choose Us
It’s about your business succeeding and nothing else, and we make an effort to build lasting relationships with our clients.
We aim high and achieve great things, offering tailored reports to demonstrate just how much we improve your ROI
To us this means intimate service and dealing with real people you can turn to for assistance and advice, who understand your area and your unique digital marketing needs in Adelaide.
Our Skills
  • Brand Identity85%
  • Website Development90%
  • Google Advertising95%
  • SEO85%
  • Social Media80%

Work Process

Everything we do is guided by our five-part ethos

This is where it all starts. Do things that make your Vision a reality


Here is where it all starts to take shape and your action plan is implemented


We do what we need to do to make sure everything looks and feels like you envisioned


We make sure before anything hits the ground running – it works


Our ultimate goal is to deliver ROI on every Advertising dollar invested

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