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At Rise Digital, all of our digital marketing services in Adelaide abide by a results-driven principle. We don’t expect our clients to take our word for the work we do, and instead we believe in information-rich yet accessible reporting to demonstrate exactly how your campaigns are progressing. There is always room for improvement, and close monitoring will identify the best areas for your resources.

Tracking comes back to your original site objectives. Numbers mean nothing without context, and the goal of tracking ROI is to determine exactly how well your strategy is performing. Reporting is tailored to each client. For example, start-up businesses might be focused solely on site visits, boosting SEO rankings, lead generations and building a social media following. More established businesses may wish to concentrate on sales conversions, search engine marketing efforts, remarketing campaigns or driving active social media engagement.

Understanding your customer

The journey from cold lead to repeat buyer is a complicated one. It is said that buyers require an average of seven touch points with a brand or product before they make a final purchase. In order to best understand your consumers, you simply cannot know enough about their internet search, usage and social habits as they progress through these touch points. We distil vast amounts of information down into concise reports which highlight any areas of weakness where extra emphasis is needed. For example, we may discover that you have plenty of site traffic, and that consumers are highly engaged with your brand on social media, but they are deterred by an overly complex ecommerce platform and so those leads do not convert to concrete sales. These valuable insights will help you to identify where to spend time and money in order to see the highest profit.

Crucially, we understand the chronology of customer journeys and report on this too. According to the seven touch point model, each contact point with the business, such as a website visit, phone call or keyword search, is an important factor that contributes to your final sale. It is important to understand how customers first learn about your brand, how they seek more information, and how they engage with it over time.


The Rise Digital difference

We offer service specific reporting, as well as more comprehensive documents portraying progress spanning all of our digital marketing channels in Adelaide, including social media, SEO, SEM and Google remarketing campaigns. Our Return on Investment Model ensures that we draw meaningful and factual conclusions from the numbers, and tell you in real terms what this means for your budget and your overall strategy. At Rise Digital, our reports are delivered monthly, and we are always available if you wish to discuss any of the content of your report.

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