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Social Manager is Rise Digital’s solution for small to medium businesses faced with the problem of limited digital marketing resources in Adelaide. Businesses of this size have three choices when it comes to organic social media efforts. They can either hire someone to do the job in house, however this added wage is too big of a barrier for most local businesses. Alternatively, an existing staff member can learn the ropes and include this role in their current position, however it can prove demanding to learn such a broad and technical field from scratch. Thirdly, and arguably most cost effectively, a business can outsource this role to an agency that knows their hashtags from their handles. By electing Rise Digital as your business’s Social Manager, we will assign a dedicated Community Manager to take care of all of your organic social duties from posting sharable content across your accounts to building relationships with key members in your industry. After you leave your accounts in our capable hands, you can watch your likes, comments, views and shares soar without lifting a finger.

Social media is a two way street

Social media has revolutionised digital marketing for Adelaide businesses, because it allows brands to interact and communicate with their target audience in an intimate and distinctly untraditional manner. A big mistake of many businesses when first commencing social posting, is that they cannot let go of the rigid business/customer dynamic, and use their pages to push sales all the time, which will result in a block, an unfollow, or even a negative review. The goal should be to shed this strict professional relationship and connect on a human level with a two-way dialogue rather than a unidirectional sales pitch. Of course every brand wants to increase sales, but the way to do this is with emotive content across various media channels and platforms which resonates with a niche audience to build a lasting relationship. Think not of growing consumers, but of loyal brand advocates. In the social realm, the consumer is more powerful than ever, and businesses need to appreciate this by monitoring feedback and engagement to optimise their social presence.

The Rise Digital difference

An effective social media strategy should cascade directly from your broader business and marketing objectives. We will work with you to identify how these objectives and personality traits of your brand can be expressed in innovative, interesting and highly engaging new ways. It is a delicate balance to maintain a consistency of brand image and voice without sounding repetitive. Our content mapping plans will demonstrate exactly how your business objectives are being articulated across platforms using a variety of media forms. Regular data reports will then analyse exactly how effective these campaigns have been, and the best areas for improvement.

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