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Content Marketing

Give the people what they want

Content marketing is the broad term given to the idea that businesses can create and share free, valuable and in many instances educational content that converts prospects into buyers, and one-off purchases into long term client relationships. Disseminating this content in the form of blogs, a YouTube channel, social media sites or podcasts establishes your business as a reputable authority and builds trust and likeability among your target community. To achieve these goals, content must be highly relevant, it must tell your visitors somethings new, and it will need to be produced on a regular basis for an extended period of time. Building trust does not happen overnight, but once you gain it, the ball is in your court.
Content marketing hinges on premium copy

The value of compelling, well-written content simply cannot be underestimated. You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’, or that we are in a ‘knowledge economy’, and these ideas are central to your broader digital marketing strategy. Your voice and your brand story form the backbone of all great social, PR, SEM and SEO strategies in Adelaide. Get it wrong and you will come across as a pushy salesperson, or even worse, you won’t be heard at all. Use your content to tell a story, to build relationships and to refine your brand. An engaging elevator pitch, a brief summary of what you do and how you do it well, is more important than ever, as is a consistent and engaging tone throughout.

The internet has brought infinite access to information, and in turn a plummeting attention span. Readers no longer take the time to thoroughly read your carefully written slabs of content word for word. Instead, we scan for relevant information that catches our eye. Writing in the digital age means writing for an impatient, demanding audience. Content needs to be organised logically, and broken down into manageable chunks to cut through. Non-text formats such as video and infographics are fantastic ways to grab and maintain interest while conveying significant amounts of information. Better yet, these media-rich forms can be highly beneficial for your SEO efforts in Adelaide.


The Rise Digital difference

We are the experts on building experts. Before we can begin to talk about the best channels and strategy for your content marketing approach, first comes an in-depth understanding of your product or service, the existing state of the industry, and where there is room for you to offer niche content. We understand that when consumers are in the pre-purchasing stage, they are seeking informative content to guide their decision making. Once they have found something particularly useful, they are likely to spread this content via social platforms, and this sharing acts to others as a kind of intimate and trustworthy recommendation of your business. Rise Digital takes the guesswork out of content marketing, delivering valuable insight, proven processes, and visible results.

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