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Google Adwords

An introduction to search engine marketing

The reality is that the digital space is where consumers are spending more and more of their time, and so this is naturally where advertising and marketing efforts should be focused. Just as with paid social advertising, SEM gives businesses greater targeting capabilities than ever before, enabling them to advertise directly to their target audience while they are actively searching for certain services. Businesses have the opportunity to present themselves as an instant solution to the consumer’s problem during the solution seeking process.

Search engines are businesses just like any other, and rely on pay-per-click advertising for their profit. While search engines are refining their algorithms to deliver people exactly what they want, they also need to make money, and so priorities paid searches above organic ones. These paid or sponsored listings occupy the top four spots on a Google SERP, followed by the maps listings and then the organic results. Noticeably, paid results are distinctly recognizable from organic results.

An integrated approach to Google Adwords and SEO for Adelaide businesses

Good Advertising Adelaide

Search Results

Google adwords involves Text Ads that appears as part of Google search results. These ads appear across all mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Google adwords offers far greater return on investment than other traditional forms of advertising like newspaper, TV, radio, direct mailing.

Daily Budgets

The click starts from an little as 20 cents a click and varies on many factors like keywords, landing page, competition, quality score. Another great advantage business can avail is by setting a daily budgets so that if you want to spend $20 /day. Your campaign will not allow you spend more than your daily limit.

Reporting & ROI

Google AdWords offers full control to advertisers by targeting people who are searching for products and services on Google. More importantly you can track your sales and leads and dedicate our entire focus on keywords that generates enquiries and sales for your business.

Why you should choose Rise Digital Media managing your Google Search Campaigns.

We work with You to achieve Positive ROI .We believe to achieve the best results from Google ad campaign we have to work with you- To deliver a successful Google AdWords campaign we not only have to understand your business but also your business goals.

Once the campaign is launched on-going nurturing is very important. We aim to reduce the cost per click by on-going suggestions and improvements on your landing page. This also takes into account analysis of results, adjustment of bids, keywords, ads, ad group and general structure. Each client has different goals from AdWords campaigns but return on investment is what measure’s it success.

  • Local Adelaide based consultants with over 9 years of experience
  • No Upfront Cost
  • No Locking Contracts
  • Budget Flexibility – reduce or increase your campaign budget
  • We work towards reducing the cost per click (Lower CPC)
  • Targeted Strategy we focus on keywords that converts customers
  • Flexibility – we will refine your strategy based on measured results
  • Business Focus – we work towards bottom line figure (Return on Investment strategy)
  • On-going support and quick response within 24 hours

Successful AdWords Campaign=

Relevant Keyword + Great Ad copy + Quality Traffic + High Converting Landing Page ( Website Page )

Ad Rank=

Quality Score ( Relevance ) x Max CPC ( Willingness to Pay )

It may seem that SEM operates independently from SEO, as these two categories actively compete for attention in SERPs; however, this is far from the case. A comprehensive strategy appreciates the value of both SEO and SEM to achieve the greatest gains. SEO offers the benefits of long-term stability and building robust reputation and trust, although it does take some serious patience and resources to put in motion. SEM by contrast is a sure-fire way to increase traffic instantly, but relying solely on paid advertising could exhaust your budget in a month. A long term and cost effective strategy will strike a balance to combine the benefits of both techniques. A common misconception is that as savvy search engine users, we often skip past the paid advertisements and opt instead for the first organic listing under the assumption that it has ‘earned’ this position due to its superior relevance to our needs. While a significant proportion of first clicks does go to this first organic result, the value of paid advertising cannot be underestimated. The guaranteed exposure alone should be enough to demonstrate the impact that this marketing can have on brand recognition and awareness.

The Rise Digital difference

At Rise Digital, we appreciate and encourage this holistic attitude toward online marketing. As a full service agency offering both SEM and SEO in Adelaide, we are capable of developing comprehensive plans for businesses to realise their digital marketing goals. We work with a number of search engines and tools, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads keyword planners, to determine and activate the best way forward for your business objectives. We will plan, implement, monitor and update your search engine marketing campaigns over time, always keeping you abreast of your progress and how the market is shifting.

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