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Remarketing Google ads

Timely contact with your customers


Remarketing helps to push targeted advertising to new heights. We have long known the benefits of being able to select specific demographics, locations and psychographics to hone in on our ideal customer. What if you could now target the people who have already made contact with your business, be it through visiting your website, leaving their details, or using your mobile app?

Remarketing delivers exactly this, using advertising that tracks people who have made contact with your business as they use the internet, either through other mobile apps, browsing websites or using search engines. We therefore see remarketing as a core component of good website strategy in Adelaide. It offers a constant reminder of your services while potential customers are in the consideration stage. Remarketing is particularly useful when marketing aspirational items which customers shop around for before making a final decision. It allows timely contact with your consumers when they are at peak engagement with your brand.

Types of remarketing campaigns

Google outlines six categories of remarketing campaigns which all target people who have come into contact with your business previously. Standard remarketing, the process of displaying advertising to past visitors across websites is perhaps the most popular. However, for those who want to take targeting to the next level, dynamic remarketing can actually display the exact product or service, rather than simply generic advertising, to the people who expressed an interest. Other categories are more specific to a certain media format or platform, such as video, email, search and apps.

Like with any marketing initiative, the first step is to determine exactly who you want to target, and what your objectives are. The answer is not simply anyone who has visited your website. You can categorise this audience further, with the goal of directing different advertising to different groups of consumers. People who have added something to their shopping cart and then clicked off your site without completing purchase may be a target of interest for image-based banners which display the product in question. Repeat customers or regular window shoppers may be more likely to respond to sale announcements. Local buyers who have reached your site using a location-based keyword such as a city or suburb may be another group of interest for in store sales. First time buyers may be interested in loyalty schemes. Perhaps you would like to target your website visitors who have not visited a certain product page, as a way of introducing them to this aspect of your service. These are just a few generic examples that demonstrate how much strategy flows into your Adelaide website remarketing campaign.


The Rise Digital difference

Everything is best in moderation, and a risk of remarketing can be that you end up pestering your would-be customers so much that they vow to never buy from your business. Alternatively, savvy visitors may opt out of your remarketing campaign through AdChoices, a program designed to protect users’ privacy online. Rise Digital can offer expert advice on time and frequency of exposure to minimise this opt out rate, as well as tracking your progress so that we can identify and resolve any weaknesses in your campaign as they become apparent.

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