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Google Penalty Recovery

Search engines tirelessly work towards delivering users the information they seek

As more and more websites vie for top rankings, fraudulent SEO techniques among Adelaide companies are becoming increasingly prevalent. Search engines tirelessly work towards delivering users the information they seek, and this means that anything below the belt is going to be uncovered and penalized. On top of this, algorithms are constantly being updated to deliver the best user experience as technologies develop and Internet users change the way they search. Penalties can be detrimental to your hard work, but all’s not lost if you do find you have been penalised. Whether you are still picking up the pieces of your SEO efforts after recent algorithm updates, have felt the negative repercussions of black hat techniques, or simply want to prepare yourself for the imminent next big hit, we are here to offer guidance to help you bounce back as soon as possible.
The ins and outs of Google penalties

Firstly, it’s important to identify exactly the type and degree of penalty you have incurred, as this will give us some clues as to why you’re being punished. Penalties come in two main forms: manual and algorithmic. The former means that a search engine employee has come across something they don’t like and taken action. This is often accompanied by a message in your Google Webmaster Tools account, detailing why the penalty was allocated. The latter means that the rules that govern the search engine itself have singled you out.

The penalty in question comes in a number of forms. You may have incurred a site wide penalty if your problems are on multiple pages, or alternatively just a single page may have been bad, in which case a partial penalty is possible. Penalties can also be keyword specific, if you have used dishonest techniques for just one or two keywords. Play around with searching for your business, under your keywords, and your specific site URL. Take a look at whether your competitors have moved up or down, or the entire layout of the SERP has altered. The latter suggests a major algorithm update, with the recent examples being Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin.


The Rise Digital difference

We believe that the best cure is prevention, as cleaning up your site can be expensive, frustrating and time consuming. That said, if you suspect that you have been penalised, the Rise Digital team can come to your rescue. We favour a select few tools to analyse the quality of your links and then remove or disavow the ones that are hurting you, check for thin, duplicate or other spam content, and ultimately strengthen your site to put you in the best position to recover from any penalty and recover your SEO rankings in Adelaide. Between major updates, Google is constantly tweaking and refreshing its algorithms, so ensuring your site continues to perform is an ongoing job. We are able to build tailored packages incorporating a combination of services to deliver flexible digital marketing solutions best suit your business.

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