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We deliver tailored Google AdWords campaigns to leading Melbourne companies which are precisely associated with their business objectives. Our team at Rise Digital Media work consistently with clients, ensuring the success of their campaigns with on-going support and swift response to queries. We lend a hand that will help you accomplish the outcomes that matter to your business.

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Google AdWords Campaigns

A Google AdWords campaign is an array of one or more advertisements grouped with different ads, keywords, and bids that consolidate a decided budget, geographical targeting, language, network, and other criteria set-ups.

Google PPC

PPC or Pay-per-click is a sort of ad where the advertiser pays per click on an advertisement. PPC is not explicit to Google Ads, although it is the most frequent category of a paid campaign. It is essential to understand PPC prior to using Google Ads campaign.

Google Remarketing

The Google remarketing is a tactic to connect with people who formerly interacted with your site or mobile application. It enables you to plan and position your advertisements to these audiences as they explore Google. These strategies help in boosting your brand awareness or tell again those audiences to buy your products or services.

The benefits of Google remarketing include quick reachability, focused marketing, easier to build ads and better access to reports which in turn provide campaign analysis to get better on your marketing tactics.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping, previously called Google Product Search is a service which empowers users to search for products on online shopping sites and evaluate prices amid diverse service providers.

It helps in smooth syncing of products; execute Google shopping campaigns and monitor campaign outcomes to improve further.

Google Video Ads

The video ads assist in extending the awareness of your company brand by boosting the attention of your target audiences and steering the demand at a wider scale.

You can reach out to your likely customers when they search or see your videos or videos ads on Google and YouTube. The payment criteria can be set to pay when the viewers showcase interest.

So with video ads you can set the audiences and what action you want they should take like:

  • Visiting your web portal, so people can visit your services and products
  • Watching a set of your service and product videos to widen the reach and have brand awareness

Google Mobile Ads

Your targeted customers depend on their mobile phones for quick information access. Mobile marketing enables you to be there when it is needed, with text search advertisements, Google display ads, and in-app marketing ads.

  • With more than 80 percent of smartphone users searching for services close to them, mobile ads offer you the best of business opportunities to be there with accommodating information and real-time significance.

Quality Score

The Quality Score (QS) calculates the overall quality of the advertisement by the in-process click-through rate (CTR), the application of your targeted keywords, the eminence of your landing page, and your precedent performance on the SERP. The quality score is a vital factor for your Ad Rank.

Our Approach to Google Ads Management and Execution

Our talented team is an expert in researching and building a fruitful Google Ads strategy for our customers. We commence with requirement gathering and knowing your business tactics for different target audiences.

Once we have recognized your target market and audience, the team will start off setting up your campaigns by:

  • Reviewing your web portal to find how your targeted traffic can be converted using Google AdWords and Google PPC plans
  • Researching which geographic locations can better work and suite to your targeted services
  • Evaluating how much of the monthly budget should be allocated for the best possible results
  • Determining monthly budget is crucial to match search volumes and industry competition along with the set conversion goal
  • Keyword research activity is must to spot applicable keywords, their market opposition and the estimated cost per click

Advantages of Using Google AdWords

  • AdWords offer results quicker than SEO
  • Boosts company’s brand awareness
  • Reach out more prospects for likely conversions
  • Reconnect with website visitors
  • Evaluate and measure campaigns precisely
  • Help convey your business message
  • Deal out with market leaders and competitors better
  • Have budget suppleness – boost or reduce budget quickly

Why Rise Digital Media for Google AdWords Campaigns

  • Targeted tactics and strategies that convert prospects to customers
  • Create Return on Investment (ROI) plans to focus on the business bottom line
  • Agility – Enhance strategies based on evaluated and measured outcomes
  • Continuous support, backing and swift response to customers

Follow Google’s Best Practices

As a top Google ads agency, our team will build your Google AdWords campaign with the best return on investment and conversion optimisation. The team will evaluate the results that matter to you and make sure it is going in the decided direction concerning Google’s best practices.

We will also keep optimising your marketing campaigns and measure ongoing activities with insights exclusively on the analytics and metrics that matter to your business.

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