5 Sure-Fire Digital Marketing Metrics for Adelaide Businesses to Measure Online Success

Digital marketing in Adelaide can be confusing to the uninitiated, but these simple metrics will help you to understand the numbers.

seo-Update2Total visits

This metric offers a big-picture statement about how a campaign is performing, and is relatively difficult to misinterpret. You will want to look both at the general and the specific, so the total number of website visits as well as the total visits to a landing page associated with a specific campaign. Though certainly not sufficient data to give you much information, keeping track of the peaks and troughs of your visits is a good place to start.

New sessions

This metric offers two important pieces of information. When looking at all of your site visitors, it will tell you how many of those are visiting for the first time and how many of those have been to your site two or more times. Obviously, new business is a great thing, and if you’re attracting a large number of fresh faces then you could be doing well. However, it is easy to overlook the other implications of this, which is that you also want to focus on receiving a good number of repeat visitors. If these numbers are low, it means that you are lacking in your customer service, your actual service offering, your price or some other factor. People are taking one look are your site and saying ‘no thanks’.

Channel-specific traffic

This metric is a step further than ‘total visits’. It segments all of your incoming traffic into four sources: social, direct, referrals and organic. If lots of people are finding you through direct, then you have a fantastic brand recall, and people are searching specifically for your company name or website. Good referrals are an indication that your backlinks are performing well, and you are building an advantageous online network. Organic means that your keywords are working for you, and of course social alerts you to how much interest is flowing in from your social platforms.

Bounce rate

This is one metric you want to be as low as possible. A visitor has ‘bounced’ if they take one look at your website and instantly leave. High bounce rates are commonly associated with irrelevant keywords, poor quality or keyword-stuffed content, or irrelevant landing pages. A high bounce rate is a symptom that something is very wrong with your website or your SEO strategy, so take a look at the journey your visitors go through. Are they not being directed to the information they want? Does your website read like a pushy sales pitch?


It’s great if people are staying on your page, getting to know your business and searching for you directly, but if no sale comes out of it at the end then you haven’t really seen any concrete profit. Make sure you specify the best conversion for you, and then focus on increasing that number as high as possible. If you’re charming over the phone, then your conversions might be phone calls. If you’ve got the best rates in the business, then your conversions might be when people fill out online quote requests, because that’s how you get the most business. When crafting your Adelaide digital marketing plan, it is important to remember to focus on the unique goals and circumstances of your business.

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