SEO and PPC for a leading Insurance Broker

Surewise is a leading insurance broker in Adelaide.

Being a highly competitive market they wanted to establish their professional expertise with top of the page search results for insurance specific keywords.

Project Highlights:

  • Top ranking for relevant keywords
  • Increase in aligned Goal completions
  • Overall increase in new sessions and session time

Problem Statement

What was happening?

After a successful merger between Steadfast Brecknock, Newmarket Grandwest and IC Frith & Associates, the business is now known as SUREWiSE. They needed to optimise their website to retain their search rankings.

The Solution

How we helped

At Rise Digital we took cognizance of the fact that Insurance is a highly competitive space. To establish a domain authority in the space in-depth optimization is critical. 

We started with a deep dive into high-quality keywords for this space and did a thorough analysis for in-page optimization of their content.

The Outcome


  • Established Domain Authority with top of the page search results
  • 100+ goal completions Month on Month
  • A steady increase in the goal completion rate

Month at a Glance


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Our team of highly talented professionals believes in quantifiable deliverables and noticeable results.

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