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Fundamentals of good SEO (from your local Melbourne SEO firm)

A goal of any business is to interact with their ideal audience, and it’s been that way as long as businesses have been around. Let’s say you run an accounting firm in Melbourne.

Even back before the days of the internet, you’d want your shopfront to be in a high-traffic area so that people see your sign as they’re heading to and from work. You’d want your name to spring to mind in any conversation about the best accounting firms in the area, and you’d want to make the most of the positive reviews that you receive from customers and other businesses alike.

These may have been the fundamentals of business marketing 100 years ago, and they still hold true today.

What has changed dramatically is the methods through which you achieve them.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO): connecting your ideal customers with your business

A well-rounded SEO strategy for Melbourne businesses

These days, instead of walking down the street, most of us surf the web. An engaging, optimised website will ensure that your ‘digital shopfront’ stands out. Instead of chatting to our friends face-to-face for guidance, we expect Google to recommend the best solution. Effective keyword research and implementation, among other tactics, will ensure that you’re ranked higher for more of your niche searches. But with all that information available on the internet, we still want a local, tailored answer that best suits our needs. That’s where your targeting strategy comes into play.

It may sound straightforward, but SEO is a competitive, complex, and ever-changing industry. To succeed long-term, you’ll need a bullet-proof strategy, eye-catching and engaging content, and the latest best-practice techniques to bring it all together.

What Our Clients Have To Say

White Oyster

White Oyster

Rise Digital Media have proven to be a thorough, honest and successful digital media business. This service has improved my digital ranking in just a few months which is exactly what I needed. Rise Digital Media is always able to return my calls and emails promptly and pops in when I require a more visual appointment. In my experience, no other digital media service has been worthy of such a glowing review.

Ann Christou

Ann Christou

So happy with the boys from Rise Digital Media, straightforward and honest with quick results.

Rob Phillips

Rob Phillips

Fantastic service. I cant speak highly enough except they are good at under promising and over delivering. My phone has been ringing non stop ever since they have done their magic. Well done team!!

Tessa Francesca

Tessa Francesca

Hands down best digital media company out there. I've spent over 150k on other companies and I have had no success. I've only just started with these guys and the results are awesome. They are so keen to make my campaign a success, I have never seen a company put so much time into there work.

Why Choose Rise Digital Media

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Competitive Pricing


We don’t inflate our rates, meaning that we can construct accessible packages and ongoing campaigns for any budget.

No Lockin Contracts


Unlike other companies, we are confident in our digital marketing capabilities. We prove to you that our campaigns get results, rather than trapping you with long-term fixed contracts.

Local SEO


Choosing Rise Digital Media is choosing to work with real people, not robots. Our team is only ever a phone call away if you need assistance.

SEO Report


Complete transparency of the process is what we do best. Each month, you’ll be sent a tailored report which gives you the tangible data of how your campaigns are tracking.

Face to Face


Our secret weapon is our customer service. We make it our mission to build long term, trust-based relationships with our clients, which involves regular meetings to discuss how your progress is measuring up to expectations.

Return On Investment


Rise Digital Media takes pride in getting results. Any business investment should be approached with ROI in mind, and we will guide you through the steps to get the maximum return.

SEO fundamentals that will be integral to your successful SEO strategy:

  1. Optimised design
    Your site and all of its content must be easy to read, for both humans and robots if it’s going to be rewarded with a good ranking. There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a site on your mobile which hasn’t been optimised. The layout is all wrong, you can’t click on what you need to click on, and it ruins the seamless navigation of your site that you worked so long to perfect. But mobile optimisation is about more than just layout and basic functionality. It’s also about diving deeper into understanding and catering for how mobile-users consume content. You’ll want punchier headlines, less copy, two-click navigation and mobile-specific functionality like click to call.
  2. Informative content
    Focus on writing punchy paragraphs for your evergreen content that anticipate and answer questions. Blog often. Use rich media, like videos and infographics to explain certain points. Research your customer base, and develop evidence-based keywords that will flow more naturally. As with all marketing, you’ll be rewarded by loyal customers who see you as a leader and a problem-solver.
  3. Cross-platform integration
    Think SEO is just for your website? Think again. Your SEO strategy should flow across all of your marketing initiatives—like social media, your monthly newsletter, even your video channel. With a focus on creative shareable content, you’ll let your audience do your marketing for you.

The Rise Digital difference

SEO is an experience-based industry. You can’t learn all the tricks in a single blog post or a one-day SEO crash course. To give your business the best foundations for a successful, long-term strategy, team up with our forward-thinking Melbourne SEO agency for a tailored, brand-centric approach.

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