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Mobile Websites

Responsive design is a necessity

Responsive design means that your website layout will flex to fit the screen on which it is viewed. A responsive website enhances user experience and offers significant SEO benefits. The ‘one size fits all’ approach of only several years ago is no longer applicable, and the reality is that users will simply click off and go elsewhere if your mobile site is difficult to use. Australians own an average of three internet-enabled devices. Most of us own a phone, a laptop, and perhaps a PC or tablet. Google recently announced that mobile searches have overtaken laptop and desktop activity. This event was a long time coming, but it has a revolutionary impact for digital strategy none the less. Businesses which do not make use of responsive design are now losing more than 50% of their viewership. A mobile responsive website for Adelaide businesses is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.
Mobile-friendly features

Mobile considerations include much more than simply responsive design because we use internet on our phones in a completely different way to other devices. Primarily, mobiles are used on-the-go throughout the day for instant information about local services. We might search for a nearby place for a quick bite to eat, or look up reviews of local businesses and how to get there. More and more mobile searches are about location, with people searching for a particular service that is nearby. This insight should inform your mobile strategy, from geo-targeting keywords to integrated map features.

A second factor to consider is that people want to nimbly switch between internet and phone features on their mobile. For example, if someone is researching a business, sees the clearly presented phone number at the top and wants to make contact, it is then a matter of rehearsing the number while opening the keypad and typing it in. It is a clunky process, and one that has the potential for your customers to get your number wrong and you could lose a possible sale. A simple solution is a ‘click to call’ feature, whereby your number on your mobile site is linked to call your business directly. The same applies for an email address opening a new email, and a street address opening in Google Maps. These essentials may seem minor, but they make visiting your site online extra user-friendly and increase your contact conversions.


The Rise Digital difference

At Rise Digital, we appreciate that mobile marketing is growing exponentially, and in sometimes unpredictable ways. In order to provide our clients with the best service possible, we are committed to continual training, learning and development to keep abreast of the latest in marketing trends. Only several years ago, instances of responsive design were few and far between, whereas today it is an integral part of any good website. This just goes to show how rapidly the digital marketing landscape can shift, and how easy it is for out of touch businesses to get left behind. The good news is that our ongoing services will monitor your strategy over time and recommend how you can make the most of new website technologies in Adelaide as they develop.

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