4 Simple Steps to Optimise Your Website

4 Simple Steps to Optimise Your Website

Website optimisation is the practice of using tools and strategies to overall improve the state and performance of a website for the purpose of attracting visitors for conversions.

There are many ways to ensure your website is performing optimally, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and decide what to tackle first.

Here are 4 methods that you can get started on right away.

Keyword Research

Every website should have keywords that are representative of the website’s content. These keywords are what your potential visitors may type into a search engine (such as Google) with the goal to end up on your website. You’ll be at an advantage if you can find keywords that people are searching for, yet are not too competitive with other businesses.

For additional help with this, you could try out Google’s keyword planner–although you will need a Google account in order to use this planning tool.

Create Content with Keywords

Your content should be centered around your keywords, or vice versa. If you have not created your content yet, then make sure you incorporate the keywords. Otherwise, use your keywords to create your content and then expand on them accordingly.

With this process, you still need to keep readability, flow and engagement in mind. The keywords in your content need to make sense, and visitors need to be able to follow the content easily. Essentially, your visitors will need to see how the chosen keywords are relevant to the content.

There is nothing worse than bloating your content with unnecessary keywords. This could work against you and have visitors leaving your website prematurely.

A Speedy Website

There are quite a few strategies you can employ to increase the speed of your site. With some of them–such as website caching, minimising site plugins and scripts–you may need the help of a developer or other technical assistance as part of a web agency.

Other simpler strategies involve ensuring your site is served by a more reliable web host, compressing your image sizes, and fixing broken links.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

With most web visitors accessing the internet from their smartphones, it will be important to ensure that your website is functional and attractive on a mobile phone. It is getting easier to manage this as some web hosts have mobile optimisation offered as part of their service and many site themes from web platforms (such as WordPress or Squarespace) have built-in mobile optimisation as part of their design. If you have had a custom website built, you should double-check with your web developer that your site will show up as intended on a mobile phone.

If you are stuck on any of these strategies, you can contact us at Rise Digital Media for additional guidance. Furthermore, if you have implemented these strategies already and you’re looking to level up in the area of website optimisation, you can ask us at Rise Digital for a website assessment.

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