What Makes Us the Best SEO Company in Melbourne?

There are a lot of SEO companies in Melbourne that take more than they give back. Unfortunately, this less-than-helpful approach has led many people to be skeptical, or even distrust digital marketing agencies altogether.

At Rise Digital Media, we recognised this. We had new client after new client coming to us with horror stories of previous work done by other businesses that was either incredibly costly or yielded no results.

And that’s why we’ve made it our mission to do business the way our competitors don’t.

Here’s how.

1. No Lock-In Contracts

SEO is a tough industry for first timers, because results don’t always come immediately. Instead, it may take a few months for the numbers to show that your investment is working. That’s the reasoning behind some providers ‘locking you in’ to a contract—because they don’t want you to get spooked and quit after only a few weeks.

But time and time again, clients were complaining that they didn’t feel comfortable with their digital provider after six months, but instead of being able to cut ties and try elsewhere, they felt trapped in a year-long minimum contract.

We don’t want our clients to stay with us because they have to. At Rise Digital Media, we believe that our work speaks for itself, and that’s why we have no need for restrictive lock-in contracts.

2. Guaranteed Results Within Four Months

Results may not come immediately, but with the right techniques and expertise, they WILL come. You just have to have a little faith in your SEO team.

Now, we understand that it’s hard to trust an agency you’ve never worked with before, particularly when not all agencies play fair. That’s why we offer a 120-day guarantee—for your added peace of mind. If you haven’t seen the results that were predicted when we first sat down and chatted through your goals after four months, then you keep your money.

3. Local Experts At Your Fingertips

Increasingly, so-called ‘local’ SEO agencies are relying on cheaper resources outside of Australia to do the heavy lifting. It means that frustrated clients are calling their provider with questions, only to be passed around to different team members, no one knowing what the problem is or how to find a prompt solution.

At Rise Digital Media, we mean it when we say local. We’re located here in Melbourne, with an in-house team ready at your fingertips. You’ll be teamed up with a consultant who will be your go-to expert if you ever have questions or queries.

4. Transparent Reporting Every Month

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a business over promising and under delivering, then you’ll be pleased to learn that we send tailored monthly reports to all of our clients. It tells you what we did, how the numbers changed, and what it means in real business terms. That way, you can track the progress of your campaigns, and learn about digital marketing all in one.

No jargon, no surprises.

Get in touch with our friendly SEO Melbourne team of digital experts today to talk about how we do things differently.

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